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The Skutt Catholic Rebounders Club is comprised of all parents who have players or student managers in the Boys Basketball Program.  We are committed to supporting, in several ways, all the teams in the entire Program at Skutt Catholic High School. From here on in this Mission State, we are to be known as “Rebounders Club.”

  • Rebounders Club strives to promote sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, commitment, and a strong work ethic both on the court & in the classroom among our student athletes and student managers
  • Rebounders Club provides social events for players, coaches, managers, parents, and members of all the families through before-game and after-game gatherings, dinners and feeds, and an end-of-year banquet
  • Rebounders Club promotes volunteering of time and talents at all activities and events we sponsor which allows for a strong sense of belonging among players, coaches, managers, parents, and members of the broader Skutt community
  • Rebounders Club provides financial support through monies raised in numerous activities and events with many opportunities for all to volunteer, ultimately encouraging and creating excellence in our Program
  • Rebounders Club uses the monies raised to purchase supplies, equipment, and make improvements to the Program, continuing with the theme of excellence

Contact: Kari Kudron
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