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SkyHawk Boy’s Basketball

Dedicated to building champions on and off the court by leading young men to strive for personal excellence while making sacrifices for goals which are greater than the self.

  • We strive to understand, daily, that basketball is only a game and is meant to be enjoyable; the well-being of our faiths, families, and communities is primary in our lives.

  • We expect to win, and demand a confident demeanor and a winning attitude in all that we do.

  • We believe that the lessons of hard work, sacrifice, leadership, and team work learned in committing to the program serve a greater purpose in life than our own glory.

  • We pledge respect and sportsmanship to ourselves, to our opponents, to our school community and to the game itself.

  • As student-athletes and teacher-coaches, we are committed to school first and athletics second.

  • We are filled with Desire, Determination, and Dedication to attain success; we understand our journey toward success is the true value of our efforts.

Team Pledge:

We, the coaches, players, and other members of the Skutt Catholic High School Boy’s Basketball program, dedicate ourselves to one another everyday for we believe that our success both now and in the future will be determined by the amount we are willing to work and by our ability to be unselfish.

Play Hard.

Play Smart.

Play Together

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